© Elke Sonnenfroh Click thumbnail to enlarge sweden whale waterfall lighthouse summer satairway to heaven activate creativity find own vocation unicorn and elf friendship energy from the central sun door to temple of enlightenment feeling of security lust for life new awareness chamuel energy mix heard opening pyramid of power get back old knowledge vortex of joy/happiness green vortex lila vortex 1 lila vortex 2 golden vortex the golden wave mother sea 1 red vortex we are all one golden spiral yellow vortex rainbowheart orange vortex white light of creation mother sea 2 golden waves energy of sandalphon vortex of connection lake tahoe nevada winter vortex we are all one mirror of soul healing stones vortex firework golden and silfer vortex healing Look at the paintings and allow them to work! The paintings that catch one's attention the most contain the Energies most needed at the moment. spirit and love 1 crystal 3 smaragd vortex life-spiral hilarion listen to your inner voice sprit and love 3