© Elke Sonnenfroh Pillar I: Pure work with Energy I work with Energies based on the origin of purest Love. I like to combine these with quantum physics and set Matrix impulses free. These are independent of time and space. Pillar II: Energy paintings Energy paintings can be painted for a specific theme, for example Balance, Joy, Revitalization, or easily letting go of the old...   Four pillars of my energy work Pillar III: Intuitive Painting Courses: This course is not about learning particular painting techniques. A painting will be created whose colors and contents bring body, mind and spirit into unity. Each paints their own special picture. Pillar IV: Intuitive Communication with Animals, with Energy Work if needed This could also be called telepathic animal communication. A possibility to connect with animals for better understanding between human and animal. It helps with recognizing and solving problems. Notice: this communication is not a substitute for veterinary care.